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Promoting and improving access for play, learning and social interaction for children and young people with additional support needs in North Lanarkshire by providing facilities and activities for recreational, educational and leisure time.

  • PALS was set up by a group of parents who wanted to provide activities for their children who have additional support needs. They wanted to create a fun and safe learning environment where the parents could relax and let their children be themselves.

  • They also wanted to ensure, siblings and other family members had the opportunity to join in the fun too. 


  • Our activities are exclusive to PALS


  • PALS is a registered charity (SC045175).

  • PALS is run solely with funding and donations and is non-profit making.


"This group has been wonderful for my son. If it wasn't for them there would literally be nothing and nowhere for him to go. My son is severely Autistic with no speech and I felt he could never be accepted. Since we have joined, I feel we can go to activities relaxed as everyone supports one another. They also welcome siblings which is great for my daughter as she gets to meet friends who can support one another. So thank you so much to all the parent volunteers for all your hard work in making this possible and for making our wee family happy."

Donna Watson

"Thanks to this group, my son can have a social life without people thinking any different of him. We have both made friends who understand us and support us. Without these activities my son wouldn’t have a social life outside school."

Rochelle Williamson

"As a family we felt isolated when our son was diagnosed. Joining this group has shown us there is a whole community out there who can support us, learn and grow with us and my son is making lifelong friendships along the way. His brother can also attend the activities, which means that the family isn't being split up to attend activities. His social skills and confidence have significantly improved as he plays and learns. We no longer feel alone."

"I an a full time mother of 2, with my little boy age 3 being diagnosed with Autism in March 2014. Before I joined the group, I had no idea of the help available to me particularly within the immediate community. Now I have the chance to meet and get to know parents facing the same daily struggles and my son is able to meet other kids with the same condition who understand him with no pre-judgment. It has also allowed him to build lifelong friendships, as I have. It has been an absolute godsend to be able to get out and enjoy new activities that will relate and help my boy. He is thriving and I believe the group has been the basis for this."

Leanne Semple

Carrie Burns

"My son looks forward to all the activities and knows where he is going on which day of the week. It brings him and his twin brother together as they are apart at school and has brought on his socialising and speech incredibly. The family have all made good friends and we wouldn’t be without it now."

Leanne Kelly

"My son loves the activities. He has met familiar faces from school and has also made lots of new friends. He has a great social diary and is thoroughly enjoying what all other kids take for granted. The other parents provide a great support network and are always available day and night to offer support and words of wisdom."

Mhairi Campbell Boustead

"My son attends the activities which have been the best thing ever. He has lots of fun activities to do now which has made him more social and he does not get judged by anyone for being different. It's not just great for our kids, it's a great support group for parents of children with autism who help you through the tough days that only they can relate to. My son and I would be lost without this charity."

Leeanne Kennedy Stevenson

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